Pauline Johnson Public School

Welcome to our inclusive school and community!

As a staff we consider ourselves very fortunate to be working with your children!! Thank you!

We are committed to "Inspiring Kindness"!

We are very excited to welcome all students and families.  Our first year with Full Day Kindergarten is very exciting!

Absence Check

Just a reminder that the new Absence check number is 1-877-409-6310 or hdsb.schoolconnects.com


Check the commucations tab instead of menu that runs along the top of the page for up-to-date calendars.

Parking Lot

Staff parking extends to the yellow cross walk.  We encourage students and families to walk, bike, and scooter to our school.

Please refrain from parking in the blue disabled parking spots unless you have the proper permit.

MyClassNeeds.ca projects

Mrs. Heeney's MyClassNeeds.ca project is live!  Please click the link for more info on the project and how to donate.

Thank you to those who supported Ms. Toding's project - it has now been fully funded!

Fair Notice Letter to Parents

Please click the link to view an important notice from the Halton District School Board.

Fair Notice Letter to Parents.pdf

Gift Basket Raffle

Pauline Johnson School Council

Holiday Gift Basket Raffle Ticket Sales 2014

This year's Holiday Baskets will be in a Silent Auction format due to required financial compiance with the HDSB processes.  Gift baskets will be on display for students and family members to bid on items beginning Monday, December 8th.  From Monday, Dec. 8th until Thursday Dec. 11th, the Silent Auction bids will be open AFTER school from 3:00-3:30 daily.  As well, following the dress rehearsal and each performance of "The Legend of Polar Mountain", families are invited to place bids on these Great Holiday Baskets.  the final opportunity for bidding on preferred Gift Baskets will be on Friday Dec. 12th before school, between 8:00-8:40am.  Winners will be notified by phone during the afternoon of Friday, December 12th.

Get excited.  Bid often.  GOOD LUCK!!

Basket Themes, and Class collecting donations

Mrs. Bates JK/SK: Cat’s Meow: items for the family feline (kitty treats, cat toys, cat food dishes, etc.)

Mrs. Turney JK/SK:Baker’s Dozen: Bakeware and supplies, bake mixes, cookbooks, measuring cups, cupcake supplies, etc.

Mrs. Leach JK/SK:Thats A Wrap! Items for gift wrapping,seasonal wrap supplies, bows, ribbons, accessories, holiday decor etc.

Mrs. Donohue JK/SK: Art Attack: arts and crafts supplies, paints, playdoh, craft kits, stickers, crayons, activity books etc.

Mrs. Ashton Grade 1: Bedtime stories: seasonal or classic (children and young readers only) books, small stuffed animals, kids slippers or pjs (special emphasis “new items only”)

Mrs. Ife Grade 1/2: Mom’s Day Off: soaps, lotions, candles, relaxation and pampering

Mr. Sault Grade 2: Dog Gone It: items for the family canine, treats, collar, toys etc.

Mr. Trcka Grade 3: Legomania: Lego, building toys, sets, accessories, figurines, etc.

Mrs. Dickinson Grade 3/4: Family Game Night: games, puzzles, popcorn, snacks, popcorn bowls and seasonings

Mr. Stevens Grade 4/5: Coffee Lover: Coffees, teas, flavourings coffee mugs/cups, cocoas

Ms. Toding Grade 5/6: Sugar Rush! candy, sweets, cookies, chocolates

Mrs. Heeney Grade 6: Green Planet: environmentally friendly items for around the house, energy saving light bulbs, household cleaners, re usable containers, totes, shopping bags etc.

As well, if you or your business have other small items or services you could donate for auction, please contact Mrs. Short at the school or contact organizer Carie DeMunck at carie@demunck.ca

All proceeds from this years Holiday Basket Fundraiser will benefit the students at Pauline Johnson. Funds raised are supporting New Library books, New musical instruments, and the upcoming student centred Snow White and Jack Grunsky workshop presentations.


Float Parade

Pauline Johnson Christmas Float Parade, 2014
The Pauline Johnson Christmas Float Parade will be held on Thursday, December 18 at 9:00 a.m.  All grades are welcome to participate!  Siblings or friends can work together to produce one float.  The float should be shoebox size, no bigger than a flat of 24 pop, with a string attached for pulling.  Skateboards may be incorporated to give the float wheels.  The students may decorate their box any way they wish.  Small, motorized items can be on the float, however the float itself should not be remote controlled.  No live animals or food items are permitted.   Parents are welcome to come at the time of the parade and line the halls as the children walk by with the floats.  The route taken will be two slow loops around the school hallways.  Students will bring their floats to the gym at 8:30.   There is a float example in the Library for those who are new and have not seen one. Students will recieve a participation certificate and a candy cane for participating.

Happy creating!!!

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