Pauline Johnson Public School

Welcome to our inclusive school and community!

As a staff we consider ourselves very fortunate to be working with your children!! Thank you!

We are committed to "Inspiring Kindness"!

Thank you to all of our volunteers!  And thank you to our wonderful EA's for your hard work in planning the Volunteer Tea!


Absence Check

Just a reminder that the new Absence check number is 1-877-409-6310 or hdsb.schoolconnects.com

Parking Lot

Staff parking extends to the yellow cross walk.  We encourage students and families to walk, bike, and scooter to our school.

Please refrain from parking in the blue disabled parking spots at all times of the day, unless you have the proper permit.


Check the commucations tab instead of menu that runs along the top of the page for up-to-date calendars.

Track and Field Day

Track and Field Day for Grades 3-6 will take place on Thursday, June 4 from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Please make sure your children come prepared with appropriate clothing, footwear, and a water bottle!

Gift Basket Raffle

Pauline Johnson School Council


As part of the BBQ this year, PJ is once again having their annual spring basket raffle to be held on the night of the BBQ, Thursday June 4th. Each class is asked to collect NEW ITEMS ONLY that corresponds to their classroom’s spring theme. (See below for themes) Collections will begin the Tuesday May 19 to Friday May 29th.

Tickets will be on sale the day and night of the BBQ. Prices: 1 ticket = $1 3 tickets= $2 10 tickets=$5

This is always a fun and popular fundraiser at the BBQ, please support your classroom’s theme. Many items for the baskets can be purchased at the dollar store, and the kids have so much fun with it!!!

Mrs. Turney: Let’s Have a Party! Items for a birthday or backyard party, supplies, games, napkins, paper plates, decorations, cupcake sets, etc.
Mrs. Bates: Picnic in the Park! Items for a park day, picnic supplies, sand buckets, water coolers, small toys, skipping ropes, soccer ball, etc.
Mrs. Leach: Beach Day! Items for a day at the beach, sunscreen, sand buckets, beach towels, sun hats, sunglasses, etc.
Mrs. Donohue: Perfect Packet Piñata! Nut free candies, small toys to fill a large piñata.
Mrs. Ashton: Aww! New Puppy Items to supply the new family puppy.
Mrs. Ife: Cottage Life: Items for the Cottage (rain day supplies, fishing gear, cottage magazines, books etc., cottage decor, etc.
Mr. Sault: Fun Father’s Day! Gifts for dad, golf supplies, coffee/ mugs, father’s day wear, household tools, etc.
Mr. Trcka: Come Camping with Us!: Camping gear, cooler, sleeping bag, S’mores kits, etc.
Mrs. Dickinson: One Burger or Two? Items for a Backyard BBQ or patio party, paper plates, plastic patio glasses, BBQ flippers, etc.
Mr. Stevenson: Road Trip! Small car games, puzzles, crosswords, books, coffee mugs, gift cards, etc.
Mrs. Heeney: Green EARTH: Items to help reduce reuse and recycle, reusable shopping bags, food containers, eco-friendly household supplies etc.
Ms. Toding: Gardener’s Delight: Garden tools, seeds, plant pots, garden decor, etc.

Thanks for your continued support and good luck everyone!!!!

Fair Notice Letter to Parents

Please click the link to view an important notice from the Halton District School Board.

Fair Notice Letter to Parents.pdf

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