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March 8, 2020

Weekly Blog - Please Read

Dear PJ Community,

I hope that everyone is enjoying the sunshine today and that everyone remembered to jump ahead an hour this morning. Daylight savings time is the first big step toward longer days and warmer weather! Yippee for that!

If you have a child in Kindergarten or Miss Donohue's Grade 1 class, please read the following message carefully about changes for drop-off and pick-up during the Kindie Pen renovations that will start this Monday! The Kindie pen will not be accessible to students during the renovation. The renovation is expected to take approximately 2 weeks,

Students in 1-1: All students in Miss Donohue's class will line up at the primary doors (closest to the parking lot) and will enter the school through these doors when directed by a supervising staff member. This will be for morning entry, and after nutrition breaks. Students will also be dismissed through these doors. Parents, please remind your child of the updated routines and ensure all caregivers who will pick up and drop off understand the changes.

Kindergarten Students (all classes): Parents are requested to please drop off all Kindergarten students at the front door. Please try to do this as close to 8:40 as possible. 8:25 is the earliest that they can be dropped off, but given the tight space, closer to 8:40 will be better for all. Students will be supervised in the front hall until the bell rings at 8:40.

At the end of the day, Mrs. Turney's students will be dismissed as usual through the side door to her classroom. K-2 and K-3 students will be dismissed through the front door. Students will be ready by 2:55 in order to give caregivers time to get to the blacktop to collect older students.

Nutrition break routines will also be adjusted during the renovation. Kindergarten students will eat during the 1st half of the break in their classrooms as usual. During the 2nd portion, half of Mrs. Turney's students will join K2 and half will join K3 for supervised "in class" mindfulness activities. Teachers of each class will ensure that students go outside for outdoor activities during the regular learning blocks, i.e. creative playground, nature walks, community explorations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's teacher for clarification.

The week ahead:

Wednesday, March 11th - author Richard Clark, will present to Gr. 2-5 students (remember to sign up on cashless if you wish for your child to receive a signed copy of his book. Also, be sure to look him up online - His book, "My Best Friend is a Secret Agent" was identified at Indigo as a "Heather's Pick." I have read the book and I do think the students will love it!

Wednesday is also pizza day and Friday is Ice Cream sandwiches.

Friday - BEACH DAY! In honour of March Break and spring being just around the corner, we have declared Friday to be a day to dress like it is summer! Shorts, t-shirts, sunhats, sandals are all allowed...BUT...also be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear for outside time!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!


​​​​​​​Lori Waugh, Principal

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