Technology Use and Expectations

Pauline Johnson and Technology Use in the Classroom

The new Code of Conduct provisions around student cell phone use detailed in the Ministry of Education's PPM 128 update came into effect this year. The updated HDSB Code of Conduct that was shared in the fall is reflective of these changes and can be found at

At this time parents are reminded of Pauline Johnson's rules around cell phones, tablets, and other personal technology devices:

  • ALWAYS kept in backpacks during the school day unless required for use in class as an instructional tool
  • teachers can ask students to use cell phones and devices as a tool during instructional time with DIRECT supervision, the screen must be readily visible to the teacher
  • notifications must be turned off when used as an instructional tool
  • students should not be using their cell phones and devices in the hallways, bathrooms, or on the school field during breaks or during classroom instructional time without permission
  • students use the office phone to call parents if needed, students should not be texting parents or friends during the day
  • Parents are requested to contact the office in order to communicate any messages to their child(ren). Parents are asked to refrain from contacting their child via text or email.
  • in Math, students are to use a real calculator, not the one on their phone
  • Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and other Social Media Applications must not be used on school property
  • no photos/videos should be taken at school unless it is assignment/project related and permission given and supervised by teacher.

If a student does not follow the above expectations, the following consequences will occur:

  1. First offense, the device is asked to be put away, until the end of the day.
  2. Second offense, teacher takes the device, speaks to the student, and stores the device in a secured location. If the teacher would like it stored at the office, the teacher can bring it to the office. The device is returned at the end of the day. A phone call home may be made by the office admin or teacher.
  3. Third offense, student and device are sent to the office, device remains in the office until the end of the day, the administrator will speak to the student and their parent. The student may not be able to participate in any Bring I.T. activities for one week. If device cannot be left at home, student can drop it off and pick it up at the office each day.
  4. Subsequent offenses, the office will contact parents with a request that the cell phone stays home.